Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Steps To The Top (Blessing)

Im back and move from the past. Ecehhh

Figure 1

Figure 2

Some people today emphasize the negative and forget the positive. Its not cool.
Let say..
 1) We always nak dengar rumors/gossip bila berjumpa dengan closest. Why? 
2) We always said "wadefak" or "shit" bila masalah datang. Why not we just say any Islamic terms. 

"standard lah. macamlah kau tak suka mencarut"

Being a good talker is not a probs if you develop a positive way of dealing with it. 
We should reply any good responds too.

As a matter of fact, im absolutely convinced that one day kita akan look back and say that the 90s (zaman kita kecik dulu) mak abah kita akan tepuk mulut kita sebab mencarut "not suka suka"

Yes, we are living in a great era. Trending is becoming so important. BUT.
 I offered you, Allah keeps account of all things. Be careful for what we wish.

At last, Steps to the top as a Muslim is mercy or blessing of Allah be upon you.

NOTA KAKI: A blog is house of my opinions and feelings. Im so wrong if i not miss y'all.
 So after this, AA nak mix entri jadi malaylish boleh? hihi :)