Monday, December 27, 2010

Coincidence Enough!

  Im not agressive person.But,since me kindly to submitting the person who weird enough on fb,im feeling out of security recently..Ok,the story mori was began when i've got the private msg as sounds as...:::

(he)>> "best la klu dapt hisp **** anif "[delivered me,a blowjob video too)

(me)>>"OMG..who are u?telling me now..dunt messed up my mind "[ouchh..down me]
               (loading ||||||||82%...)i dunno to express my face at the
moment,yeah,1st...shocking..haha!! damn despredo u man.. no guarantee u can send it anymore,for sure i will remove or block u dude(rasa xkejam kan?!)...the best reason,i do not know u..!! puzzle me to detailing about u..just nick name(dislike to say .ha3) and the rubbish pic.. sorry to say,i do LOVE to friend everybody k...But,isn't necessarily he or she requests bad things in which make others inconvenience..
 ....and at the same day,i've got special guest too..wah3,he msg me that failed to add me..*serve u rite..others ok probs..but,what wrongs?then,he replied..

(he)>>"bro blh add aku tak...aku nak add ko tp tak blh...tak tahu knp.."
(me)>>"sape ni?org lain boleh je add.."
(he)>>"tu lah psl aku pun naik hairan..maybe aku pakai phone kot....tak pe ko add je aku...aku just nak buat member..."
**then tired....once again,the person who do not have ALL pic as real face..adessss.. there is 'diva 4ever n ever'of being me inconvenient....but..but,i requests his pic to know..he gave..(ok least jujur)
    Hopefully,they try not hack my account la..seems risk of my personal life indeed...

LAST BUT NOT LEAST:..I began to ask myself a series of questions in order to get a fix on my mind and needs in different areas of my life to be better wif others**xkira siapa kau..aku ok jep..

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