Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Xpax Evangelist Program and Win MTV World Stage 2011 Passes!

Xpax is one of the proud sponsors of MTV World Stage Live in Malaysia 2011, the biggest and baddest outdoor concert featuring live performances from popular international, regional and local recording artists. Artists confirmed in the World Stage line up so far include one of the world’s most well-known rock bands, 30 Seconds to Mars and and local favourite Pop Shuvit. With names like these on board, you know it’s going to be an epic concert to remember!
Details of the event are as below:

Date: 24 July 2011 (Sunday)
Time: Doors open at 4.30 pm
Venue: i-City, CityPark, i-City 40000, Shah Alam

OMG, to my loyal readers how much do uols know about Pop Shovit? I do love this Malaysian independent rap-rock band and became the first Malaysian band to hit the music chart in Japan...and one of my favourite songs is Oh! Sizuka. Yeah!! Kepada sponsor event yang hebat ini iaitu,Nuffnang and Celcom Xpax  (Got X,Got it all)I promise dat to will sing this hit songs on the floor(drive me crazy) LOL..

Actually,I love singing because of the rush of a mix of adrenaline and comfort when I put all into a passion that i love this band so much. ..Oh! Sizuka is my stress reliever when i'm having a bad day.. So,i have to take this chance to redeem my sadness since i miss out MTV World Stage last year.Goshh.. my friend make me even jealous when met Katy Perry (xaci betul)..AA pulak ada final exam masa itu  :'(  Now,MTV is come back and I have a big SMILE for u guys..

You know what, to get the tickets won't be giving away that easy .As I am already Xpax Angels, they kindly giving away 25 pairs of passes of MTV World Stage 2011. I have a deep passion for it, and I just get so and so happy kalau Nuffnangs bagi chance padaku to win the FREE TICKETS !!(free tu..HEHE) How you could be one of the angels and join too?? the easiest way to describe about events, promotions, and other exclusive community activities for Xpax Angels more ,all of you may go to Xpax Evangelist page - ..Simple right?? that's a large smile :)that blow u away now..

A bunch of emotions just come up and it's just awesome for this event!!
To 30 To Mars,Neon Trees,Beast (gile suka this kpop group too) and sudah pastilah yang dinanti-nantikan local feveret group, Pop Shovit  please hold on!! Stay with me on that day!! Uols nak jugak kan? ..JOM MEMERIAHKAN MTV World Stage for this yearrrrrrrrrr guys. Bukan senang kan??LOL xD

NOTA KAKI: I'M SUPERLOVER Nuffnang and Xpax !! :D


alif haris said...

haha aku juga seorang superlovers nuff n xpax :D

Anif Abdullah @Mr AA said...

@alif: haha.. gitu kann..

alif ismail said...

ape benda ni???

Anif Abdullah @Mr AA said...

@alif:for free tickets la lif..Come in,join it as well.. :)

tiefazatie said...

best tue jauh..hahha..xleh le tgk..lala

Anif Abdullah @Mr AA said...

@tiefazatie: jauh eh?hmm,anif harap encik nuffnang n xpax give me a chance to win it..hehe

sha my heart said...

masuk peraduan nuff ek? bagus2.. cepat kaya. haha~

Anif Abdullah @Mr AA said...

@kak sha:haah ..hope so,thanks :)